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I’m so excited…

I’ve already told you we are approaching our 37 year anniversary but let me tell you about our lovely anniversary celebration!

Two of my husband’s lovely sisters and their handsome hubby’s were able to come from Indiana to help us celebrate. Also, one (handsome?) brother and beautiful sister-in-law came!

They arrived Tuesday afternoon and we all went to the Golden Corral for a feast! When we got there I went to the  bathroom and when I came out I went ahead and got a plate. When I started to find the others I saw my sister-in-law coming toward me. I had mistakenly thought everyone had been fixing their plates while the were waiting for me. It turned out that they were all sitting at the table waiting for me to return from the restroom so we could all say grace and then get their food! We all had a good laugh about that…after we said grace and everybody got their food of course:).

Wednesday was the official anniversary and we got to choose what to do; we chose to go to the OmniMax theater.

We all had a GLORIOUS time at the OmniMax, down at Union Station – the Cincinnati Museum Center! We saw their Hidden Universe presentation and it was just beautiful! It made us all think of the AWESOME God who made this universe with all its beautiful galaxies, stars, and planets.

None of us had ever been to the OmniMax, and it was a thrilling experience. The screen is huge and domed and we felt as if we were moving to get different views of the story of the beginnings of the universe. If you have never been, it is an experience worthy of the less than $10 price.

Afterward, our family took us to dinner – our choice of restaurant – and we finally settled on Joe’s Crab Shack – another first for most of us! A couple of us wanted steak but we also had a variety of seafood; shrimp, bacon-wrapped shrimp, peel-n-eat shrimp, catfish, Cali-Mari, and crab cakes.

When we finished eating the family gave us gifts – as if them being here was not a gift! They gave us beautiful cards, a gorgeous picture frame, and the best gift when you’re broke – money.

Then the waiters gave me a ‘princess hat’ in pink, and gave my husband a ‘super-hero’ cape. And all the waiters sang to us while we kissed to the count of ‘5.’

By the time we left we were all tired, but happy.

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