Inquiring Minds Want To Know!

02 Aug

December 31, 1976, I was at the local motorcycle club for their New Year’s Eve party. I was sitting in a corner wondering ‘what am I doing here?’ I’m not a motorcycle babe but a childhood friend shared a ticket with me. I’ve never been a drinker so I had the drink I had been given when I came in…three hours ago! I had sipped it to keep it from over-flowing as the ice melted in the shot glass. Most people were there as couples but there were a few of us ‘strays,’ there alone. A few people had tried to talk to me but they soon gave up the effort; I just wasn’t in a ‘party mood.’ Even the guys quickly lost interest in the ‘pretty girl in the corner.’

If you had asked me, I couldn’t have told you why I was so…sad!

The next day I woke up late, still feeling sad and lost for no apparent reason. Something on the inside said, ‘call Flint.’ So I called my friend CeCe and told her I was feeling ‘blah,’ and she immediately called her husband to the phone.

‘Flint,’ I said, ‘I just feel so bad and nothing is wrong but…I feel like crying.’ The first thing Flint said was,’Can I come get you and take you to meet a friend of mine?’ I agreed and he came very shortly.

When we got inside he introduced me to someone I had seen but didn’t really know. (Later I realized I knew some of his relatives.) CV and I talked in the kitchen and I learned he was a preacher, like Flint. He asked some probing questions and our conversation ended with him leading me in the Sinner’s Prayer, and I gave my life to Christ!!!

I felt so wonderful!

CV told me I needed to share the fact that I had received my salvation with the people in the other room. I went into the living room and told them I just got saved and we all rejoiced!!!

That evening CV had a scheduled Bible Study in his home and that’s where I met my wonderful husband.

I thank God for my mother, who brought me up in church. I got away from the habit of going to church on Sunday’s and Prayer Meeting on Wednesday Night’s after I left her home. After I gave myself over to Christ (Father, Son, Holy Ghost), I found that letting Christ be the Head of My Life was not the same as just going to church on Sunday’s and Wednesday Night’s. I found out that letting Christ lead your life is more than just memorizing scripture and saying Hallelujah!

CV had a Sunday evening Bible Study in his home and I attended that first Sunday in 1977. Since I was ‘a new Christian,’ CV asked the young man sitting beside me to help me find the scripture we would be reading and studying from. After the Bible study, he took me and my daughter back home and I put her to bed. Then we got our bibles and sat at the dining-room table so I could ask him some questions.

My first question was, ‘since I am divorced, can I get married again?’ Now, I had no intention of ever getting married again but, ‘inquiring minds want to know.’ His answer, ‘I hope so because I want to marry you!’

August 6, 2014, it will be 37 years!!!

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