Care for others!

30 Jul

At the end of last semester my Sales and Contract Law professor gave the class a lottery ticket as a parting gift.
The proposal he made was that if he, or any of the five of us in the class, won the $10 million dollar jackpot we would donate $500 thousand dollars to charity. Only three of us; the professor, myself, and another classmate, wanted to agree to that. The other three wanted their families to be their charity.
That shocked me! I could not imagine having $10 million dollars and NOT wanting to donate to at least ONE charity.
I have many relatives and friends who work hard and long hours so of course I would help them out but come on…ten million and no charities besides people you know personally!
There are so many problems in the world; hunger, homelessness, poverty, no water in some lands, too much water in others, sweat shops, and other injustices in this world and all some people can think of is, ‘me and mine.’

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