College Girl

18 Jul

‘Where are my clothes?’ ‘I know I set aside an outfit to wear today, where is it?’

My thoughts raced. “I can’t go like this.” “It’s not bad enough that I’ll be the oldest one there, but…where are my clothes!?!”

“We’ve just moved…my college orientation is tonight…all I have to wear are sweat pants and a t-shirt! SWEATPANTS AND A T-SHIRT! Calm down…take a deep breath…another deep breath…oookkkayyy, that’s better!”

I glanced at the clock, almost 5:30. To make it by 6 I’ll have to hurry. Nothing to do but comb my hair and go on.

I was greeted at the door and escorted to a large room; a few other people had already gathered and were milling around. Nobody looked at me but I looked around. I didn’t seem to be the oldest one there and very few of the others were ‘dressed up.’ Most wore jeans and t-shirts, others were like me – wearing sweats – and a few had one those flip-floppy things that some people seem to think are shoes. I guess I had stressed over nothing.

At 6pm on the dot, a young man in a nice suit got the attention of everyone by moving behind a teacher’s desk and welcoming us to the college. He went on to say how glad everyone was to see us and introduce his staff. That’s when I noticed that most of the well-dressed people were staff.

After the introductions we were given a tour of the school – when we registered we got the tour also. Then we assembled in the large room again for a ‘meet n greet,’ with some of the teachers and a few late-comers. The head of each department passed out schedules and some of us realized our first class was tomorrow morning.

I was lucky; my first class was not until Saturday. By then I should know where my clothes are.

BTW, the only comment on what I was wearing came when I was getting my photo for my student ID taken. “You are wearing the school colors!”

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